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Shower Room Glass

Shower Room Glass

Model: SG01
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Detailed Product Description

1- Such Shower system is Modern and Convenient
2- We Supply Glass & fiittings together

Tempered Glass is the main material for glass door,

pls find the following detailed information for tempered glass

Detailed Description

Transparent tempered glass, also called Clear tempered glass,

is made by hearing flat glass to approach its softening temperature and suddenly chilling it with jets of cold air, which produces highly desirable conditions of induced stress which result in additional srength, resistance to thermal stress, and impact resistance.

Main Production processes:

1 Cutting Sheet As You Require? > 2 Side Grinding? > 3 Perforating? >

4 Cleaning? > 5 Tempering? > 6 Packing? > 7 Taking into Warehouse

Product characteristics:

· Excellent safety performance
· 3 to 5 times stronger than ordinary annealed glass
· No injury to people when it breaks.

· Not broken when temperature changes a lot.

Product Specifications:

· Thickness: 3--19mm

· Maximum size: 5200mm * 2440mm

· Minimum size: 300mm*300mm

Delivery & Packing
· Minimum order quantity: one 20-feet container,bulk cargo is also acceptable in special case.
· Supply ability: about 1200 M2 per day.

· Delivery time: 10 days

· Packing: bubble between glass, crate

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